Sandi Fernandez and The Beacon Hill-Billies & The Winter Shakers, a concert to benefit Mount Baker Preschool

Sat, May 11, 2019 at 5:30pm

This event has passed.

Doors at 5:15pm
Tickets: $10 per adult, kids 12 and under are free

To guarantee a good seat, please make your dinner reservation by emailing
Advance tickets can only be purchased online. We do not sell advance tickets at the venue.

Sandi Fernandez and The Beacon Hill-Billies & The Winter Shakers concert to benefit Mount Baker Preschool!

Singing tunes in a special all ages matinee performance. Wholesome goodness including catchy tunes, Molly Moons ice cream, raffle baskets, and dancing. 

Sandi Fernandez is a singer songwriter currently based in Seattle, WA. Her powerful raw voice and catchy melodies deliver toe tapping grooves to her audiences. Influenced by folk music of the 60s, 90s alternative music, and modern indie music; her style is reminiscent of artists such as The Decemberists, First Aid Kit, and Neutral Milk Hotel

She draws upon the deep connection with her family to write music that reflects the love and challenges that come from these formative relationships. Her music explores the pain of loss, the beauty of love, and the importance of home. She wraps it all up into a melody driven belting style of Americana music. 

Seattle-based band, The Winter Shakers, is like a stash of priceless art works composed by colorful crayon box. The group is the smile of the Mona Lisa overcome with birthday ice cream and icing. The members write the best songs you haven’t heard, rich with a lilt and pounce you’ve known your whole life. Their music a mighty mix of majesty, mayhem. 

The band’s central hearth is front man, Jeremy Shanok. A masterful lyricist with a knack for both comedic and heartwarming timing. He is the friend you run into on a cool summer night who offers you your first gin and tonic of the evening. He understands the need for thumps and the requirement of melody when shifting from moment to moment in old torrid air. 

Shanok is supported by his band mates, singsong bass player Noah Byrd and unabashed drummer Jordan Otto. Together they offer the buffet of ideas signature to the trio’s performance. Thoughtful, as if bending a beam of light through a fish tank’s waters in order to shine it on a crumpled piece of paper with divine thoughts splayed in wine drips and spilt coffee sips. The Winter Shakers, yes, will be remembered. 

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5000 Rainier Ave S
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